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October 26-28, 2019: Melanie in Brisbane, Australia.

One of our valuable research assistants, Melanie Asselin, will be attending the 5th International Conference on Youth Mental Health in Brisbane, Australia this week! She has worked closely with, a youth mental health charity based out of Toronto, Ontario, for the past three years. works to train and empower young leaders to increase education, improve attitudes, and change systems around mental health. Melanie will be joined by her colleagues in presenting their research at the conference.

Beginning in 2018, ten pilot schools spearheaded the Campus Assessment Tool, a series of questionnaires designed to assess the quality of services provided by a campus’ health centre and how students generally feel about mental health in their school environments. Now that the results have been compiled, Melanie and the team at have used them to suggest five key recommendations that post-secondary institutions can implement to improve mental health in their communities. To learn more, check out Best of luck and safe travels Melanie!


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