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March 25, 2023: Child Lab at SRCD Conference 2023!

We're so proud of the fantastic work that our senior lab members shared at the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) 2023 Conference.

Our postdoctoral fellow, Ashley Ransom, presented a poster about her research regarding "Is it Okay for Boys to Talk About Feelings?: Children's Developing Beliefs About Emotion Talk".

Our graduate students:

F. Ece Özkan presented a poster on "Turkish- and English-speaking Children's Belief Revision Based on the Reliability of the Counterargument".

Luis de la Vina led a symposium about his work on "Children's and Adults' Beliefs About the Influence of Emotional States on Attention.

Alexa Sacchi gave a talk about "Scientific Folk Theories: The development of the end of history illusion".

Finally, Dr. Samuel Ronfard, the lab director, spoke regarding his work on "Young Children's Conceptualization of Conflicting Empirical Claims".


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