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April 27, 2023: ChiLD Lab at the Undergraduate Research Poster Day 2023!

Congratulations to all our lab members who presented their research today at the 2023 UTM Undergraduate Research Poster Day.

Our undergraduate lab members presented posters on the following topics:

"A Meta-Analysis of Children's Empirical Testing of Surprising Claims" by Rachel Lipson.

"The Effects of Knowledge on Question-Asking" by Allison Gutierrez and Rami Younis.

"How children use "but" to clarify and establish common ground with others: A longitudinal study" by Julia Hu.

"Giving Voice: Understanding the Intersections of Identity, Emotion, and Well-Being of Racialized Undergraduate Students at UTM" by Jawahir Mohamed (with the Chung Lab).

"Age-Related Differences in Temporal Lobe Cortical Volume" by Jessica Hira (with the BIG Lab).


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