Online FAQ

My computer or laptop does not have a microphone/webcam, can my child still participate in a study? 

Unfortunately, our online studies currently require both a functioning microphone and webcam. We will have opportunities for your child to participate when we resume in-person studies. 


The Zoom platform is asking me for a password and I can’t access the meeting, what can I do?

You can find the Zoom meeting password in the booking confirmation email, which was sent to you immediately on booking the appointment. Please feel free to email us if you are having further issues and we will send you the password again. 


I’m having technical issues and can’t seem to use my microphone, what can I do? 

Please use the chat function and we will help you resolve the issue. 


If two of my children are participating, can they be in the same room while one of them is participating in an experiment? 

We ask that eligible siblings are not in the same room watching during the experiment as this may alter the results. 


Do I have to be in the same room when my child is participating? 

Once the experimenter is ready to get started, they will let you know whether your presence is required or not. This may vary between studies. If you would like to know beforehand if you will need to be present for a study, please email us at