Active listening + Openness to new ideas + Rigor + Humility = Better Science 

Guard ourselves against the human tendency to confirm our own biases. 

Science is a  team sport. Researchers build on the findings of other researchers. These results sometimes support and sometimes conflict with one's intuitions and theoretical framework. Either way, these results have to be carefully considered and incorporated into our understanding of the phenomena under study. This means that they must be analyzed with the same rigor. As scientist we must be wary of confirming our own biases by setting different standard of evidence for results that support rather than challenge our favored interpretations. 

Science is a team sport. Our lab is composed of researchers from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. This is a strength but only if we are able to listen, engage with, and incorporate the viewpoints of each of us into our work. This is what will yield new insights, help us design better experiments, and more carefully interpret our results. All of us have to "Listen with the possibility of being changed if we want to speak with the possibility of being heard"*. 

Indeed, as the famous 


Speak with the possibility of being heard, listen with the possibility of being changed. *

In the lab and beyond the lab with regards to personal and work conversation.  Presence. 


Develop students’ ability to listen, engage with, and incorporate the viewpoints of other people into their work – a cornerstone of scientific practice.

Science: If you don't make mistakes, you're doing it wrong. If you don't correct those mistakes, you're doing it really wrong. If you can't accept you're mistaken, you're not doing it at all. **

Perceived failure is oftentimes success trying to be born in a bigger way. ***

Humility and Rigor

Research is hard. It requires us to 

Dialogue (Humility)


Diversity and inclusion

Giving back to the scientific community, giving back to our community 


Working together, providing each other with feedback that is kind, specific, and helpful

Seeing parents and the community programs we work with as partners. 

Rigor & Humility


Open science

* This phrasing is not mine. To the best of my recollection, it comes from Bill Ayers who I heard speak in 2008. It's also very similar to something Alan Alda has said. 

** Anonymous? I can't find an attribution for this. Let me know if you know of one!

*** A fortune cookie I received in the fall of 2016.